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10k You! ORGanizer for Salesforce reached 10,000 active users!


In less than 2 years the ORGanizer for Salesforce Chrome & Firefox Extension reached more than 10,000 active users, and there is no way to stop it!

It’s an incredible goal and I’m so proud to help Salesforce users/devs/admins life day by day!

We’ve made a new T-shirt design (thanks to my dear friend Davide D’Annibale) on the ORGanizer Swag store to celebrate this event!

Support the #BestSalesforceExtensionEver with:

We want numbers!

Main stats are being collected since August 2017:

  • 2M+ times popups has been opened
  • 2M+ total events triggered
  • 1.3M+ logins done with the ORGanizer
  • 70k+ credentials stored

Since middle of May 2018 (when the ORGanizer Sponsorship Program started):

  • 55k times the ORGanizer button has been pressed
  • 33k Quicklinks opened
  • 2k sponsor banners has been clicked

This is a worldwide success!

Sessions all over the Earth

U.S.A. counts the most sessions!

And English is the most used language!

I cannot be happier and more proud for this awesome goal and the support from the community has been priceless!

I wanna “10k You” all guys, thanks for bringing the ORGanizer for Salesforce into your lives!

I wanna thank again Davide D’Annibale for his precious help on the graphics part and for realizing this amazing “10k You” image!

Let’s meet again at 100k!

[ORGanizer Sponsorship Program] Merlin Guides joins our trailblazing sponsors


Today for the next month Merlin Guides joins ORGanizer’s trailblazing sponsors!

Merlin Guides stops your team from making mistakes in Salesforce. By guiding your team, step by step, inside of Salesforce with your interactive guides, your team will know your exact process and exactly the information they need to fill out. Every guide is created in minutes (by just doing the process once yourself) and they are completely custom to your team – your process available whenever the team needs it.

We’re the only solution available in the AppExchange that supports guides that work inside and outside (Bazaar Voice, Asana, Jira…etc) of Salesforce, so we’re great for the complex processes your customer support & sales teams have to go through.

Merlin decreases mistakes, increases adoption and improves your data – by scaling the best training in your company in the best possible way.

Find out more!

Merlin Guides will keep company to you in the coming month on the ORGanizer popup page…and hopefully more than this!

Click the link and find out their incredible service!

If you are interested in joining the program, leave a message on the ORGanizer Sponsorship Program form.

May the be with you all!

[ORGanizer Sponsorship Program] The Welkin Suite in the heart of ORGanizer


Standing ovation for The Welkin Suite, new ORGanizer sponsor for the next month!

We are proud to say that we are the only one-stop tool for Salesforce that effectively removes the pain and greatly speeds up work for Configuration, Administration, and Development.
Our informative design and Intuitive usage allows easy access to sObjects, Field usage reports, FLS editing, inspectors for Fields and layouts, abilities to clone Fields, easy deployments and Org comparison, SOQl, and more. Plus code development for Apex, Lightning, Visualforce, and tools for managing Debugging, Governor Limits, Code Coverage, test running and the list goes on.

The only powerful tool for both Salesforce development and administration– with tools for Apex/Lightning/Visualforce/Declarative Development, and for managing Debugging, SOQL Queries, FLS, sObjects, Governor Limits, Code Coverage and much more with its 100+ features

The Welkin Suite will keep company to you in the coming month on the ORGanizer menu button…and hopefully more than this!

Click the link and install their amazing IDE!

If you are interested in joining the program, leave a message on the ORGanizer Sponsorship Program form.

May the be with you all!

[ORGanizer Sponsorship Program] sfApex is our newest sponsor!


Just 2 days before the first ORGanizer Sponsorship Program announcement, we are here to give a warm hug to sfApex into our Ohana!

sfApex is a leader in Salesforce data copy.
Quickly and easily populate your sandboxes with data for better testing and faster development.
Their customers experience a 50-70% reduction in time spent populating sandboxes.
You can copy all your data or select specific records to meet your testing criteria.
Eliminate the pain of writing scripts or trying to match thousands of record IDs in Excel.
Spend more time coding and less time creating test data.

sfApex will keep company to you in the coming month on the upper side of the main ORGanizer page…and hopefully more than this!

Click the link and install their astounding sandbox populating app (and ofcourse leave your 5 star review)!

If you are interested in joining the program, leave a message on the ORGanizer Sponsorship Program form.

May the be with you all!

[ORGanizer Sponsorship Program] Welcome to LuminosityCRM, our first sponsor!


After 2 years and a half of free time programming the #BestSalesforceExtensionEver, I’m rolling out the ORGanizer Sponsorship Program.

You should already have seen new banners on the ORGanizer main extension’s page or the info links on the ORGanizer button or Quick Console: they’ll be soon replaced by awesome companies and trailblazers who want to support the ORGanizer to keep it free for all!

Give your warmest welcome to LuminosityCRM, our first sponsor!

LuminosityCRM is a Salesforce appExchange partner.

They develop top-rated apps that simplify cloning and editing hierarchies of records for companies of all sizes around the world. Their apps, Super Clone and Super Clone Pro allow Salesforce administrators to implement a cloning process in minutes.

LuminosityCRM will keep company to you in the coming year on the bottom side of the main ORGanizer page!

Click the link and try their amazing cloning app (and leave your 5 star review)!

If you are interested in joining the program, leave a message on the ORGanizer Sponsorship Program form.

May the be with you all!

[Salesforce / ORGanizer] Christmas Release 0.6.5 is live!

A new Christmas gift for my ORGanusers.

Christmas Release 0.6.5 is live!

It’s months I’ve been asked for an ORGanizer Firefox version and, drum roll…it is finally live!

It’s an important milestone: the ORGanizer can now be enjoied on the most widespread browsers.

That’s why I’m here to ask you to register to the ORGanizer beta program: I can track who wants to help me in enhancing our beloved extension, send them early releases (before the official production release), making the ORGanusers a community in our amazing Ohana community!

What’s more?

Increased usage limit

  • 200 total accounts
  • 150 total sync accounts

Conrt SF Id plugin now has a quick action to copy the current SF ID on the clipboard.

Configure all plugin shortcuts from the Options page:

Enhanced Formula plugin now plays correctly on Lightning Experience!

Follow the release notes for more details!

Don’t forget to Support the ORGanizer, the Best Salesforce Extension ever!

[Salesforce] ORGanizer for Salesforce is on the AppExchange!

That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind” (cit.)

It’s with huge pride that I announce that the ORGanizer for Salesforce Chrome Extension has successfully passed the security review and it is finally on the AppExchange!

We’ve just celebrated 1 year since the pubblication on the Chrome Web Store and after 1 month since the request sent to the AppExchange team, we’ve been delivered this awesome gift.

Now we can proudly show this amazing logo:

From now on the ORGanizer for Salesforce Chrome Extension will be listed as a free app on the AppExchange.

A huge thank you to all my Ohana, who constantly supports me in this free-time project: this achievement is your achievement!

Remember that ORGanizer for Salesforce Chrome Extension is a free app, so please share your love and if you can, donate to the cause!

ORGanizer loves you all!

[Salesforce / Chrome Extension] Happy birthday to the ORGanizer: 1 year on the store!

Checking my diary agenda I could not believe: ORGanizer‘s first go live was exactly 365 days ago!

I wanted to share my love and expertise for Salesforce in one single Chrome Extension to be free for all, and after 1 year I receive cheers from my Salesforce pals because ORGanizer helps them successing in their daily tasks!

Here are some quick numbers:

  • 20 releases
  • users from 127 countries
  • 4000 active users ca.
  • 28 new features (7 suggested by you)
  • 47 enhancements (17 suggested by you)
  • 32 bug fix (9 suggested by you)
  • 81500 login actions in the last month
  • 222 daily logins in the last month

The analytics (recently introduced) say that the numbers are rapidly increasing and the adoption rate is getting higher and higher.

The most important number is the active users:

And indicates the number of users that day after day keep getting the ORGanizer on their Google Chrome browsers…and it is incresing day by day, and I cannot be happier!

The ORGanizer is more than the extension itself.

Trying to make it the most amazing Chrome Extension ever, there an ecosystem of side projects and systems to help me achieving this aim.

ORGanizer site

This is the central information repository for the extension.

FAQ page

A complete extension guide updated at every release.

Video guides


Active support site where you can report a bug or suggest a new feature.

This is linked to my Salesforce CRM org where I store all the stuff.
It also uses an Heroku app to send the email used to confirm your identity.

Next Release page

This page contains all features and bugfix in development or developed, that will be release in the next release.
Also this feature is related to my personal ORGanizer CRM org.

Change Log

A list of all features delivered in all releases.

Donations and Swag Store

Donations link and a link to the Swag Store to get some cool ORGanizer swag to allow me keeping the extension free for all.

Live Messages

Live messages to get live data to users about the extension, like unexpected bugs or general info.
I use ORGanizer like you do, so I wanted to put in place a feature to communicate with my ORGanusers.

Online reviews
I received amazing reviews from Salesforce community leaders:

Who made it?
I’m the only person behind the ORGanizer but my dear friend Davide D’Annibale is helping me with all the graphics (I litteraly have not taste in graphics 🙂 ) to get it the most professional appearance it can have!

Amazing feedbacks
What’s the best way to thank all supporters? Let’s show some of the best tweets I got from the web!

[Salesforce] ORGanizer Chrome Extension 0.6 is Live!

} a{
color: blue;
font-weight: bold;

Another release is on its way!

You should receive the update in the next hours.

Which amazing features have been packed?

And other important enhancements:

  • Show line and column number on Quick Query, Execute Anonymous and Enhanced Formula editors:

  • Drag the Quick Console from the footer:

  • Resize editor’s textarea in Quick Query, Execute anonymous and Enhanced Formula Editor plugins:

  • Make lookup field clickable on query results (not only ID field):

  • Download child query result in JSON / CSV format (previously you could only download the main query results)
  • Child queries result now shows correctly all results (previously was limited to 10)


Do you know ORGanizer is free for all, right?

You can help me keeping it free forever by offering me a pizza or a cappuccino or … drumroll… buying stuff from the brand new ORGanizer Swag Store!

The store is hosted by they customize, pack and send the products right to your home/office giving the ORGanizer a small percent maring of the price.

This way you are happy to receive awesome swag and I’m happy as well because I can keep the #BestExtensionEvenr free for all!

Jump to the ORGanizer site to browse all this awesome stuff!


The Change Set Helper plugin has been developed to help daily work with Salesforce outbound Change Sets.

Due to limitations on Salesforce Change Set APIs, the plugin is meant to help you in the tedious work of searching for components, remove components from change set, creating recurring change sets to be included in every change set you make.

The plugin comes with limitations.

The plugin is in early beta, please report malfunctioning features or improvements from the support page.

What can you do with the Change Set Helper?

Open an outbound change set and you’ll se with your eyes!

Click the Download compoments to retrieve a zip file containing the components from the package.

WARNING: This features works if there is only one outbound component with the same name.

Because of dealing with big change set could be frustrating, the plugin is meant to create a template or every change set you work with.

A template is just a reusable change set model you can import in another change set, browse, refine removing certain components, use to remove components from the current change set.

To create a template click on the Create Template button: this operation can take a while especially if the change set has hundreds of components.

Once you hit the button, you’ll see the script automatically pressing the Next link on the change set components table, lurking all the components definitions.

Once the template is completed, you are required to set a name for the template and click the Save Template button.

The Metadata Templates picklist shows the list of all save templates:

The template can be added into a new change set (see next paragraph). Because it is not easy to understand if a component can be added, you can click the Compare Template button: this way the script iterates through all current change set components looking for matching components between the selected template and current change set.

If a subset of the selected template if found inside current change set, you are required to create a new “subset” template with all the components that have not been found, to safely import the template into your change set.

The plugin has been tested with various metadata types, but there can be unsupported components (it depends on how Salesforce shows components on the components table) that I haven’t still checked.

Please report any unwanted behavior.

At the moment of writing, only Person Account record types are not supported: this means that these record types cannot be added through a template and so must be added manually.

By pressing the Remove Template button you can remove a selected template from the list.

The Extract Template CSV donwloads current template in CSV format (this CSV file can be usefull to trigger bugs if you report an error).

Once you select a template, a new table is shown:

You can filter components and save changes made to the template by the Remove from Template link.

If you want help to remove a specific component from current change set click the Remove from Change Set link next to each component’s name: this can save you A LOT OF TIME!

The helper iterates through the chage set components table (clicking the Next button) and if a match is found, clicks the standard Remove link, that triggers for the standard confirmation popup:


If no match if found, an informative message is displayed:

The plugin works with Packages as well but be aware that packages often includes in their components list also components that cannot be added to a change set (e.g. components that come from managed packages), so it may happen that templates created with a package is not importable on a change set (and vice versa).

The Change Set Helper plugin is hosted on the Add component page as well:

The only difference is the absence of the Create Template, Compare Template and Remove Template buttons.

The Add Template button insert current template into the plugin.

If all the components can be inserted, the script adds the components and goes back to the main change set page.

If un-importable components are found (e.g. Person Account record types, untested components in the beta development), the download of a CSV containing the remaining components is automatically triggered: this way you know what to import manually by yourself.

If this happens, you need to press the Add to Change Set button manually (you don’t see the list of the components you are about to insert).

The plugin adds 3 usefull features:

  • Quick search components: quickly filters the list of selected components type
  • Expand component list link to expand the list by 1000 components (the maximum allowed)
  • The Add to Change Set and Add Again button that simply does the Add action and returns back to current page (and not to the Change Set page)

Remember: this is not a change set manager because the absence of any API that can help this important Salesforce feature, but it is an helper that helps you automate change set management tasks.

Please report back any malfunctioning feature or any smart way to enhance this useful plugin.

To enable/disable this plugin run to the Features section of the plugin’s Options page.


While you are waiting for long running operations (such as deleting a Change Set component among thousands of components using the Change Set Helper plugin), you can relax playing 2 ( more to come in the next releases) simple yet awesome games:


The Quick Login plugin allow you to login directly from the standard Salesforce login page.

The plugin is automatically attached to the username input text and shows the corresponding ORGanizer accounts matching the input string:

To enable/disable this plugin run to the Features section of the plugin’s Options page.


This plugin is configurable from the Encryption section of the Options page.

If encryption is enabled you can set up Timed Password Sessions.

Set up a maximum password session duration. During this time frame you are never requested for the encryption password when:

  • Copying login link in memory from the popup accounts page
  • Copying password + token from the popup accounts page
  • Showing password on the popup account editing page

This enhances security because if you leave your laptop unattended, after the session is expired none can login on any account anymore, but requires to insert the password to enable the extension.

Once the session is expired the Quicklogin and @login command with Quicklink do not work as well.


From the ORGanizer’s popup a new button is in place to get you the password and token of an account to use it for other porpouses (e.g. IDE, API, external services, …).

If you haven’t set up Timed Password Sessions and have Encryption enabled, the button asks you for the main encryption password.


Now you can see the password in clear while editing an ORGanizer account:


More accounts can be handled:

Total accounts has been increased from 80 to 150, and sync accounts from 60 to 100.

[Salesforce] ORGanizer Chrome Extension hits its first 1000 active users! #PartyHard

I proudly announce that ORGanizer Chrome Extension we have reached the 1000th active ORGanusers!

A big thanks to everyone!

The Extension is free for all, support us to keep it free forever!

Click here and decide to:

  • offer me a coffe, a pizza, a cappuccino, a pasta (I’m italian after all) to thank me for this awesome job
  • share your love for the ORGanizer Chrome Extension on the social channels!

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